Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 April 2021 Written Update: Sayi Makes A Move

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 April 2021 Written Update begins with sayi says i don’t want chavan niaws food. Bhawani and pakhi, virat shocked to listen sayi words. Then bhawani says i don’t seen this type of girl, Sayi also said i don’t seen this type of women and asking chawan family members please went inside the home. Also sayi said to virat you must go to the inside because your bestfriend gets so much of time to spend with you. Virat says i don’t listen your words and went inside the home, Pakhi followed him. Then sayi said to bhawani your age big but not your thinking. After that bhawani went inside the house and close the doors.

After that sayi said to usha devi is feel happy and because of her happy i will do anything. At home devi said to pulkit sayi do anything to me but my mom is cheater. Also devi asking to pulkit where is my daughter. Pulkit says she come tomarrow. Then devi asking to pulkit please phone to sayi and asking to her come here. Pulkit said to devi if we do that your family members asking to leave her from home. Devi says sayi loves viru and what is the relationship with pakhi and samrat. Day changed both sayi and usha sleep outside the home and wakeup and went outside the home and asking to outsiders.

Usha asking to sayi don’t do that. Virat comes to downstairs, ashwini asking to virat why you getup from bed to early. Virat says walking. Bhawani comes to downstairs and says both sayi and usha entire night sleep outside. Also bhawani asking to virat still sayi sleep outside the home. Virat says i don’t know. At outside sayi explains to neighbors virat asking to me leave the house. Then neighbors asking to sayi why. Sayi says because of devi marriage. When sayi explains regarding the issue pakhi come from her room and stand at balcony and listen sayi words.

At inside the home ashwini said to virat you must brings sayi to the home. Bhawani, Sonali listen ashwini words. Ninad, Omkar comes to downstairs asking to ashwini please surve the tea. Sonali asking to her hustabd virat did mistake to send sayi from this house. At outside sayi informed to neighbors 10 years back devi and pulkit marriage happens. Neighbors to listen sayi words they shocked. Then sayi says chawan family members not accepted devi and pulkit marriage. Also sayi said to neighbors yesterday not i will done again devi, pulkit marriage but chawan family members asking me to leave the house. Pakhi comes to downstairs asking to family members let’s come outside and seen what sayi did.

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