Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 October 2021 Written Update: Sayi meet psychiatrist

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 15 October 2021 Written Update. Today episode begins with virat speaking with pakhi in front of sayi. Virat asking to pakhi leave the sayi room. Pakhi said i will check how you are but you asking to leave the room. Virat said to pakhi i don’t want stay in this room who doesn’t like sayi because she’s health condition critical. Pakhi asking to if i am stay in this room how sayi health condition is getting critical. Virat again asking to pakhi please leave the room. Sayi listen pakhi and virat conversation and pakhi said ok i am leaving the room and before leaving the room pakhi asking to virat may i given this flowers to sayi. Virat asking to pakhi please put on table.

After pakhi leaving virat asking to sayi no need to think about pakhi and i am staying in this room. Later virat asking to please speaking with me and what is your problem but sayi can’t speaking. Other end pulkit said to samrat i will taken appointment of psychiatrist but no one stay with sayi who doesn’t like. At that time pakhi come out side and try to saying something to pulkit but samrat holds her hands. At home omkar said to family members because of sayi we can’t anything till the night and sonali supports her husband. Bhawani asking to sonali please mind your words.


After that ninad asking to omkar we are all went to hospital but your wife sonali and daughter-in-law staying at home and why not come to hospital. Sonali said we forgot lord ganesh idol staying in our house and we not leave alone him that’s why we not come to hospital. Ninad said ok and asking to let’s now went to hospital to seen sayi. Omkar said sayi at hospital and she is not celebrity or politician to seen her. Ninad said sayi is good human being. At hospital virat dream himself sayi speaking with him and realized she is not speaking with him and remembered pulkit brings psychiatrist. Day changed virat informed to sayi please speaking with doctor anjali. Doctor informed to sayi regarding her life incidents and asking to sayi please written which word you like and we start discussing about it. Sayi written virat name

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