Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 May 2021 Written Update: Sayi Invites Pulkit, Devi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 15 May 2021 Written Update begins with sayi speaks with virat with out pulkit and devi our family not completed so we invited them for lunch. Virat said to his wife it’s possible, Sayi says pulkit is chavan family member and devi is chavan’s daughter. Also sayi virat police cap said to him iam daughter of police and wife of IPS officer i don’t have fear. After that virat asking to sayi do you have any plan. Sayi says tomorrow Sunday and holiday for college so invited them for lunch.

Virat says if pulkit comes to the home family members try to blame him. Also virat says you looks normal but you are very intelligent. After that sayi check the time and given medicine and said to virat may be next Sunday iam return to hostel. Then virat asking to sayi if you busy at kitchen who take care of me. Sayi says i will take care of you. Bhawani went to pakhi room and said i know you feel angry but you don’t spoil your health because of sayi. Sonali also said sayi try to cheat virat and we are all with you. Pakhi says i don’t think about sayi, Just i think about virat.

Bhawani said to pakhi sayi with her words traps virat and as soon as possible we separate them. Also bhawani said to pakhi tomorrow sunday so you have to prepare food what virat likes and sonali helps you. Other end pulkit helps to devi when eat food. At that time devi said to pulkit first i will taken food for harini, Pulkit asking to Devi first you completed dinner because madhuri and harini completed their dinner. At that time sayi phone to pulkit, Pulkit asking to sayi about virat. Sayi said to pulkit virat is alright and we are at chavan home.

After that sayi invites pulkit and devyani to perform post wedding rituals and invites for lunch. Meanwhile bhavani advises pakhi to mend her differences with virat