Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 April 2021 Written Update: Pakhi’s Offensive Comment

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 April 2021 Written Update begins with pakhi asking to virat why at dining table, you sit and completed your dinner because when sayi brings the dinner you sit and eat at your room. Virat says no i will come for dinner at dining table. Pakhi asking to virat why you angry on me. Virat says i feel hungry, pakhi again asking to virat you eat dinner at dining table. Virat says yes and pakhi says when your wife wants you sit eat here but if i want to you stay here i will bring dinner you denied. Then virat says if i will come to dining if you feel problem i don’t want anything. Pakhi starts crying and says you miss your wife sayi.

Also pakhi asking to virat do you know why still sayi sit outside. Virat says i don’t know. Then pakhi says if your anger is low you asking to sayi return to home that’s why she sit outside the home. Virat says i don’t understand what you have said to me but i don’t excuses sayi what done for devi today. Bhawani said to ashwini sayi don’t respect our feelings but you bring food for sayi. Ashwini asking to bhawani please you went inside because i know what doing now. Usha said to bhawani ashwini brings food for us because her heart is big but we don’t tuch the food. Bhawani says who are you saying to me. Also, bhawani asking to sayi virat asking to you leave the home. Ashwini says she sit outside the home. Usha asking to sayi why you sit here.

Sayi says still something to do here. Bhawani shouts virat. Virat comes to downstairs and asking to bhawani what happen. Bhawani says your mom offers food to sayi and usha. Virat asking to ashwini why you did this. Ashwini says i don’t seen my daughter-in-law sit with empty stomach. After that virat asking to ashwini please said to sayi why she still stay here because i will said to her leave the house. Pakhi says to virat sayi went to pulkit home and said to him virat asking to leave the house and what is your plan. Sayi says still one day i will given answers your questions but i don’t says leave the house.

Bhawani said to sayi you still creates problems to us. Sayi says you are all try to blame me but i will given answers to you until that i don’t leave this city and once you will get the answers you remembered entire life. Virat asking to his mom please went inside the home. Ashwini says no and sayi says i don’t this food