Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14 April 2021 Written Update: Sayi sit outside the house along with usha

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 14 April 2021 Written Update begins with Shivani said to sayi if you feel to do right for devi do not say ask sorry to family members. Also shivani says everyone now think about devi but they are all till today asking to devi at room. Then ashwini asking to sayi please asking sorry to virat and family members. Sayi says no and virat said to sayi what you have to do is done but do not return to this home. Then sayi says pulkit looking for you as a cheater but i will prove it’s wrong. Virat says ok and close the door. Ashwini said to virat she is your wife please asking to her come to the home. Virat says no and today on words she is not entered the house.

After that virat said to family members i will broken my relationships with sayi so no one think about sayi. Then pakhi says because of sayi mistakes virat behave like this. At outside usha and sayi crying. Both devi and pulkit entered the house and devi said to pulkit now no one angry on me, Pulkit says thanks to sayi because of you it’s happens and devi pray to god take care of sayi. Then pulkit said to sayi do not feel about sayi because she face all the problems. Usha asking to sayi what we do now. Sayi asking to usha please maintain silence. Usha asking to sayi we return to our home and sayi says no.

At home virat remembered words which is said to sayi on holi day and starts crying and says why sayi you don’t mind my words and my family words. Pakhi comes to virat room and says i know you feel angry now and asking to him did you come for dinner. Virat says off-course i will come for dinner. Pakhi says sayi sit outside the house that’s why i am asking you. Virit says iam said to her not sit outside the house, i will informed to her leave the house. Pakhi says sayi can’t listen ashwini words but still ashwini aunty supports sayi why.

Virat angry on pakhi and says you don’t say about my mom like this. Pakhi says sorry and asking to virat i don’t know how ashwini aunty behave like this and says i will taken dinner for you and me. Virat asking to pakhi you still not had your dinner. Pakhi says no, Virat asking to pakhi i will come dinner. Ashwini taken dinner for sayi, usha says she can’t speak with me. Sayi asking to ashwini why you come for here. Ashwini says i will taken dinner for you.