Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12 June 2021 Written Update: Ashwini Questions Pakhi

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12 June 2021 Written Update for Episode 217. Ashwini said to bhawani sayi phone to us and informed to us where she is so she is a good. Then bhawani asking to ashwini sayi phone to you and informed to you where she is but iam the main member of this family and she informed to me. Also bhawani asking to ashwini i think sayi feel you are the main member of this family and she don’t have my phone number. Sonali asking to ashwini why sayi phone to us before we asking to her where she is. Then karishma says sayi warns to pakhi and bhawani to leave the house.

Other end sayi remembered virat words when eating food, Virat also remembered sayi words when he eats. At that time harini asking to sayi what happen and asking to her please eat something but eart can’t anything. After that ashwini asking to ninad you don’t eat anything today so drink this milk. At that time ninad asking to ashwini today your lovely dauhter-in-law not return to home and you supports her. Then ashwini again supports sayi, ninad gets angry and said to her if i get angry i will thrown this haldi milk on your face.

Then ashwini says ok please do it but sayi type daughter-in-law must stay in this house. At that time ninad says please don’t forget your limits. At virat room sleep on bed and remembered sayi and think himself why you don’t informed to me i can’t return to home today night. At that time virat phone ring suddenly and virat thinks it’s sayi but sayi call to him. Sunny asking to virat how are you and how sayi bhabi is and how is your house situation. Virat says i will speak with you later and cut the phone. After that ashwini comes to virat room.

Also ashwini informed to virat sayi return to our home tomorrow. At that time sayi phone to my mom but sayi think no need to inform me. Other end when sayi sleep asking to virat please taken your medicine. Harini asking to sayi i think sayi you miss virat uncle and asking to her may i phone to virat. Sayi says no and asking to harini tomorrow you have to go to school so let’s sleep now. After that sayi message to virat and virat seen the message and smiles. Ashwini asking to virat why you smiles, Virat shown message.

Ashwini asking to virat let’s phone to sayi. Virat phone to sayi but her is switch off and virat gets angry. At that time pakhi comes to virat room, Ashwini asking to pakhi why you come here. Pakhi says i will informed to virat go to hospital for health checkup. Also pakhi says sayi not here so if he wants i will go with him. Ashwini asking to pakhi how you know about this matter because i don’t know about this. Also ashwini confronts pakhi for taking an active interest in virat.