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Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 1 February 2021 Written Update: Sayi know the truth of virat

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 1 February 2021 Written Update for Season Episode 102. Today episode promo begins with sayi and other students prepared for freshers program function. At that time one of her friend bring some food for sayi, Sayi seen virat photo on the paper and taken the paper from her friend. Later aniket seen paper which is in sayi hands and said to sayi this officer yesterday entered our college.

Then sayi asking to aniket are you sure this officer entered our college yesterday. Aniket says 100 percentage sure he is the officer. After that sayi asking to aniket he his asking to you stay away from your program. Aniket says yes he his that person. Then sayi think herself yesterday night why virat said lie to me and virat sir at any cost you must answer me. To know GHKKPM 1st February 2021 Written Episode follow zeal study web portal.

In previous episode virat comes to sayi and help to her i.e apply backing soda on sayi foot to reduce allergies. Later virat asks sayi do you love anyone in the house. Sayi says yes i love devi so much. After that virat asks sayi do you love me sayi makes silent. Later virat feeds her and sayi gets emotional as he feed. Also virat asking to sayi about college programme.

Today Episode Story

Sayi cut the vegetable’s, Ashwini comes to kitchen and asking about rashesh. Sayi says now normal because you send backing soda. Ashwini says i don’t send, Virat searching for backing soda yesterday night. Then sayi feels good and complete conversation between ashwini, sayi listen by pakhi. After that sayi said to ashwini yesterday virat forces to me eat food. Then ashwini says as soon as possible your relationship with virat too close. At that time pakhi preparing tea but suddenly ashwini off the stove and said to pakhi don’t mind others conversation.

Other end virat phone to major and asking to him did you find anything about samrat. But major says we are trying, Virat asking to major may i join with team but major says no. At home bhawani angry on sayi to prepare tea with salt. After that bhawani said to sayi if you don’t know about to preparing the tea must learn from patralekha. Then ashwini informed to bhawani tea prepared by patralekha. After that all the family members maintain silent. Later ashwini informed to bhawani if sayi or karishma done the mistake you angry on them

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