GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 5 April 2021 Written Update: Devi escape the house to marry pulkit

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 5 April 2021 Written Episode 158 begins with sayi, devi comes to downstairs, Bhawani called sayi, sayi shocked and stands silently and turn bhawani said. Bhawani asking to sayi what are you doing alone. Sayi can’t understand, Bhawani says what happen here when virat and other family members celebrated. Also bhawani said don’t come outside till the holi celebrations over. Sayi said ok. Sonali comes to bhawani and said to her bharkha ready leave the party. Bhawani informed to sonali please asking to bharkha wait for few more minutes, I will come to her and given some money.

Sayi went to devi and asking to her come with me i will went outside. Sonali said to bharkha wait few mintutes bhawani given money to you. Bharkha says ok and Bhawani comes to bharkha and given money to her. Sayi and Devi reached backdoor but door are closed. Devi feels sad and asking to sayi how we leave the house and how my marriage happens. Sayi said to devi i have only one way that is went from front door and asking to devi come with me. Devi and Sayi comes to party area  when all the family members celebrated the holi.

After that sayi given pot to devi and asking to her cover the face, come behind me. Devi and sayi cover their faces with pots and kneel down and try to escape from the house. When devi, sayi try to escape from the house virat said to sunny pots are movie. Sunny says no. Both virat and sunny feels smiles. After that virat said because we drink so much that’s why i feel pots are moving. Sunny smiles. Later sayi, devi come outside, Devi seen her mom and feel emotional and asking to sayi today after i can’t return to home and my mom, ninad, omkar love somuch.

Sayi says nothing happen once your marriage happens with pulkit all are accepted your love. After that sayi phone to cab driver and asking to him where are you. Cab driver says because holi heavy traffic and i will reached the location with in 2 minutes. After that virat went to bharkha to send of her. At that time bharkha said to virat you and sayi performing nice dance and bharkha leave the house. After that virat seen sayi and devi sit inside the car and think himself why every where sayi looking for me. Later pakhi’s mom and dad comes to chavan house and bhawani asking to pakhi take care of your parents.

Later virat comes to his room searching for Sayi. Madhuri said to pulkit harini also come with us to seen her dad and mom marriage. Pulkit says i feel tension