Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin 27 March 2021 Written Update: Sayi, Madhuri Decided To Follow Ninad Car

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Meiin 27 March 2021 Written Update begins with virat speaking with sayi, sayi looking her phone side when madhuri phone to her, Virat said i will speak with you later. Ashwini asking to virat when will you return to home, Virat says before holi. After that ashwini went to her room, Sayi phone to madhuri but she can’t lift the phone and listen ninad car horn sound. Then sayi went to outside to meet madhuri, ashwini seen when sayi went outside. Sayi meet madhuri. Once sayi meet madhuri she said my phone placed on ninad car to track live location.

After that sayi, madhuri went outside and wait for cab. At that sayi friend milan seen sayi and asking to sayi what are you doing here. Then sayi says i will informed to you everything but you must follow the car what i would said to you. Then milan, madhuri, sayi follows ninad car, Ashwini phone to sayi but can’t lift the phone. Then ashwini decided to informed to bhawani and informed to bhawani about sayi. Bhawani angry on sayi, Ashwini says please don’t say anything and once she return to home i will asking to her.

Bhawani asking to ashwini ok you went to your room. Once ashwini went outside bhawani phone to ninad and informed to him sayi went outside so may be she follows you. Ninad, Omkar stops the car and decided to check if sayi followed them are not, Sayi seen live location and recognized ninad car not move on the road, sayi asking to milan stops the car. After few minutes later ninad said to bhawani no one follows them and movie the car, Sayi asking to milan let’s star the car.

After that omkar said to ninad back door of the car not closed correctly and stops the car. Ninad step down the car and open the door. At that time madhuri phone fallen from the car on the floor, Ninad close the door and drive to meet daadu. Sayi track the phone and recognized phone and starts crying to miss the chance to find pulkit. Ninad, Omkar meet daadu and asking to him why you thrown letter and asking to us 1 crore money.

Daadu says i can’t send letter and not asking money. Ninad, Omkar doubt on sayi. After that miland said to sayi it’s danger place so we return to city. Sayi said no i am searching for pulkit and milan you and madhuri return to home. Later madhuri, milan return to home, Sayi recognized car wheels marks. At that time virat phone to sayi, sayi lift the phone and virat asking to sayi you at forest. Sayi says no and asking to virat please call to me later. Virat asking to sayi are you alright. Sayi says yes i am alright and asking to him when you return to home. Virat says tomorrow.