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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6 March 2021 Written Update: Bhawani’s outrageous act


Sayi gets phone call from devi, Devi asking to sayi i want pink saree. Sayi said ok once i will return to home we speak together. Other end pulkit seen sayi when speaking phone call and comes to her said sorry because i couldn’t said thanks yesterday. Then sayi asking to why, Pulkit say because finally i will met devi because of you. Then sayi asking about devi mental condition to pulkit. Pulkit informed to her no problem i will speak with doctor.

After that sayi said to pulkit only me and virat sir want your marriage with devi. Pulkit asking to sayi why you called virat sir. Then sayi said i will said next time about virat but you trust me at any cost we will done your marriage. After sayi asking to pulkit devi mental condition is unstable so you stay with her. Pulkit said she is not with me past 10 years but she is in my heart and said to her i will bring gifts to devi. Sayi open the gift box and shocked because pulkit brings pink color saree.

After that sayi asking to pulkit you great because you still remembered what devi wants to wear at marriage. Later pulkit said to sayi i think love between you and virat, Sayi said no because our marriage is deal and once my studies is over i will leave the house. Then pulkit said some times happen reversely. After that sayi said to pulkit it’s getting later i will return to home and pulkit asking to sayi please taken the gifts and handover to devi.

At home pakhi given water to bhawani and asking to please taken the medicine other wise your blood presure increased. Later bhawani said to ninad pulkit not suitable for devi and asking to pakhi please speak with virat and stop this marriage. Once they speaking sayi return to home with gifts and said to devi i will brings gifts for you. Devi comes to downstairs to taken the gifts. Then bhawani shouts on devi, Sayi said to devi please come with me i will shown gifts at my room.


Bhawani asking to sayi shown gifts to devi in front of me. Ninad asking to sayi who send this gifts, Ashwini asking to sayi please tell me other wise they shouts on you. Sayi said to family members pulkit send this gifts to pulkit. Once listen pulkit name bhawani, ninad, omkar shocked and devi feels happy and said my husband given gifts to me. Sayi open the box and shown pink saree to devi. After that sayi shown dancing snow ball to devi and devi feels surprised and bhawani, ninad thrown gifts all over the home.

Devi, Sayi crying and Shivani asking to all the family members what happen here. Sayi asking to bhawani, ninad pulkit send this gifts to his wife but you thrown gifts why. Devi asking to bhawani i want my gifts and try to taken destroy dancing snow ball but devi hits glass on finger it causes blood come out from finger. Bhawani asking to devi you must went to your room, Sayi asking to bhawani why you behave like this.

Bhawani said to sayi sevant son couldn’t become son-in-law for this house and i din’t want this marriage. Also bhawani asking to who are you to said to me about devi marriage. Sayi said i am virat wife and daughter-in-law of this house.


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