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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5 March 2021 Written Update: Virat know about pulkit daughter

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5 March 2021 Episode begins with Sayi said to virat i forgot important matter i.e pulkit and devi had a daughter and her name is harini. Other end pakhi bringing tea for bhawani and said to her i will prepared food for everyone. Bhawani asking to pakhi are you speaking with virat, Pakhi said to bhawani no because he his ready for office. Bhawani said to pakhi i don’t what virat thinking about pulkit, Devi marriage. Virat asking to sayi how did you know about harini.

Sayi said pulkit said to me about harini. Pakhi comes to virat room when sayi speaking with virat and listen their conversation. At that time virat asking to sayi how can i performing pulkit, devi marriage. Then sayi explains how we performing the marriage. Then virat said to sayi no we don’t performing this marriage very grand because devi feels fear because she mentally unstable.

After that sayi asking to virat you performing pakhi, samarat marriage very simple. Virat said no, Pakhi listen their conversation and angry on them try to scold them but she stops suddenly. Virat asking to sayi why you angry on every time, please try to make friendship with her. Sayi said no, Pakhi leave the virat room. Other end devi singing a song i.e with pulkit my marriage happens. At that time mohit, karishma went outside and devi asking to mohit please play the song because i will practice dance.

After that devi asking to mohit you happy with marriage and mohit says yes. Later devi asking to play the song, Mohit play the song and performing dance. Bhawani seen devi, mohit dance and asking to devi go to your room but devi shouts you said lie to me and my marriage happens with pulkit soon. Bhawani asking to omkar you listen what devi speaking. Omkar said it’s not devi fault and it’s sayi fault. Other end sonali asking to mohit must searching for job.

Karishma said to sonali how mohit searching for job because sayi said to mohit must focus on acting. Other end pakhi asking to mohit i will given references of big companies and you went for their for interview. Mohit said no. Ashwini asking to devi please went to your room. But devi said no, Sayi comes to downstairs. Bhawani said to sayi forgot devi, pulkit marriage, If this marriage happens chawan family proud destroyed. Then sayi says no problem.

After that devi comes to sayi, Omkar angry on devi. Sayi said to devi you don’t fear to seen omkar. After that sayi asking to karishma how you get love from mohit if you blame him. Ninad said to bhawani i think mohit mind doesn’t work well. Bhawani said because of sayi mohit done this all. Pakhi said to omkar please do not asking me about mohit jobs. After that sayi asing to devi go to your room, Once i will return to home we start the preparations for your marriage.

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