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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4 March 2021 Written Update: Sai spills the truth

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4 March 2021 Episode begins with Pakhi asking to bhawani pulkit doesn’t asking about her child. Bhawani said to pakhi pulkit comes to hospital but i will said to him her child is dead but he don’t trust us, Ninad and Omkar beaten him and said to him if again comes to this house we will sent to you jail. Pakhi asking to bhawani why you said lie to him but bhawani stands silently. After that pakhi asking to bhawani did you know about child. Bhawani said no and asking to pakhi please speak with virat and asking to him change his mind regarding pulkit and devi marriage.

Pakhi said to bhawani how can i asking him. Bhawani said virat is your friend so he must listen your words. Pakhi asking to bhawani what i am saying to virat. Bhawani says informed to virat against pulkit and manipulate virat against devyani and pulkit’s marriage. After that pakhi said to bhawani ok i will try my level best. Once they speaking sayi comes to pakhi room and listen what they speaking. Once listen their voice sayi asking to pakhi you still don’t know what is right what is wrong.

Then pakhi said sayi how dare you to listen our words stands silently. Sayi said to them i will come here to asking for pooja. After that pakhi says bhawani aunty informed to me what happen between pulkit and devi. Bhawani said to sayi you will entered to this house to destroy our proud. Then sayi said no i will trying for build relationship between pulkit and devi. At that time bhawani said at any cost pulkit and devi marriage can not happen. Sayi says pulkit and devi marriage happens and i will seen who stops their marriage.

At that time ashwini comes to pakhi room and asking to sayi what are you doing, i will saying to you bring bhawani and sayi to downstairs for preforming pooja. Then sayi said to when i come to pakhi room both bhawani and pakhi speaking together. Ashwini asking to sayi may i listen what they speaking, Bhawani said it’s getting late for pooja. After that pakhi try to sit with virat, Ashwini said to pakhi do not sit with virat. Bhawani, Ninad asking to ashwini why.

Ashwini says it’s Maha Shivarathri pooja so wife and husband performing pooja. At that bhawani asking to ashwini where is sayi. Sayi come with Devi downstairs for pooja. Bhawani asking to sayi why you brings devi to downstairs, Sayi says she also performing pooja. Sayi said to bhawani and all the family members devi performing pooja for her husband. Ashwini asking to family members if devi wants performing said ok. Virat asking to family members if devi performing pooja she will sit with us because she also our family member.

.After that virat asking to devi please performing pooja, Devi seen bhawani side, Bhawani angry on her. Sayi said to devi do not feel fear because virat with you. Then devi ready to performing pooja, Sayi asking to devi come sit between us. Devi said no because this pooja performing both wife and husband so how can i sit between you. Sayi, Virat smiles to listen devi words. After that bhawani asking to pakhi please sit with me, Ashwini asking to virat and sayi performing pooja. Once complete the pooja both virat and sayi went to their room, Sayi said to virat both pulkit, devi had a child.

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