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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27 February 2021 Written Update: Pulkit Entered Devyani Home, Bhawani Shocked

Bhawani asking to all the family members please spell Om Namah Shivaya 108 times. All the family members said ok. After that bhawani informed patralekha i will close the doors of Devyani room. So you take care for her and at any cost she do not come out for her room till the pooja over. Later sonali informed to bhawani from yesterday pakhi couldn’t eat anything. Bhawani asking to pakhi why, she said i will done pasting. Other end virat, sayi return to home and given prasad to bhawani and said to her once complete the pooja distribute prasad to everyone.

Other end sonali said to bhawani about sayi. Sayi said to sonali i couldn’t do anything today because today everything done Lord Shiva. After that ashwini entered between us and asking to virat we did not get flowers so you bring flowers lord shiva. Once virat went for flowers ashwini taken sayi with her and said to her please pray lord shiva you and virat. When they speaking pakhi listen their conversation, Ashwini leave the place and sayi think herself just i am think about Devyani, Pulkit. Finally karishma lighting the lamps and asking to bhawani are you alright.

Bhawani said to karishma iam alright and you focus on your work. After that ashwini asking to bhawani let’s we start maha mrityunjaya mantra. After that all the family members starts spelling maha mrityunjaya mantra, Sayi think herself where is Deyani and went to Devyani room when all the family members performing pooja. Later sayi reached the Devyani room and open the doors, went inside the room. At that time Devyani crying. After that Devyani hugs sayi and said to her Sonali close the door, Sayi asking to Devyani let’s come with me. But Devyani said to sayi if bhawani seen us angry on us.

Later sayi taken Devyani to her room and said to her you must ready. Devyani asking to sayi why iam ready, We both went to hospital to meet doctor. Sayi said no today maha shivarathri so you must ready and we went to downstairs to performing pooja. After that sayi open the cupboard and asking to sayi which saree you like Also sayi asking to Devyani 10 years before today Maha Shivarathri your marriage happen did you remember it. Devyani asking to sayi today my marriage day. Sayi says yes your marriage happen with Pulkit.

Devyani said to sayi do not spell pulkit name because if anyone listen his name they beaten me. Sayi hugs Devyani and asking to her please believe me because i will help you and pulkit come to this house. Devyani asking to sayi how he come here because he his already married. Sayi said pulkit not done his marriage. Other end pakhi went to devyani and recognized she is not in her room. After that bhawani asking to sonali where is patralekha. At that time patralekha comes to downstairs and informed to bhawani Devyani not in her room.

Bhawani shocked and asking to ashwni did you open the doors. Ashwni said i couldn’t open the door. Ninad asking to mohit went to devyani room and check she is their or not. At that time someone knock the door. Ninad open the door and shocked to seen Pulkit. After that Pulkit entered the home, Ninad asking to him who are you. Then pulkit says my name is Pulkit Deshpande.

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