Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 March 2021 Written Update: Sayi, Madhuri played a drama to know truth

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 March 2021 episode begins with Sayi phone to madhuri, informed to her pulkit sir kidnapped. Madhuri shocked and ask to sayi what we do now. Then sayi said we also played a drama like bhawani, ninad, omkar. At that time they can do mistakes and we gain the benefits from their mistakes. Madhuri we informed to police about pulkit kidnapping if kidnappers known pulkit life in danger. Sayi says we can not informed to the police and you do what iam saying to you.

Other end omkar asking to bhawani sayi also supports us, Ninad asking to bhawani few days after we leave pulkit from kidnappers. Bhawani said to ninad if sayi seen pulkit videos and played drama with us. Ninad says she don’t seen videos because she asks sorry to you. Bhawani says that’s why i will doubt on her. Bhawani listen ninad, omkar words later they went to their rooms. Pulkit think about sayi seen my video messages and how madhuri is.

After that sayi meet madhuri and given some papers to madhuri and asking to her please tell me what i will said to you. Then madhuri said to sayi i will trust you, sayi given usha phone to madhuri and return to home. After that someone thrown letter to bhawani room from windows. Bhawani read the letter i.e i want 1 crore other wise i will leave pulkit and explains to police what chawan family did to pulkit. After that bhawani phone to ninad, pulkit and explain to them what happen.

Ninad, Omkar comes to bhawani room. Bhawani said to ninad daadu wants 1 crore if don’t say about pulkit. Ninad said to bhawani i will phone to daadu and asking to him why did this. Bhawani says no because he record the phone calls. Madhuri comes to bhawani room and placed usha phone placed at near window and call to sayi. Sayi lift the phone and listen bhawani, ninad, omkar words. At that time virat phone to sayi but sayi can’t lift the phone.

After that ninad, omkar decided to meet daadu, virat phone to ashwini, ashwini asking to virat how your training, virat explains everything. After that sayi comes to ashwini room, ashwini asking to sayi virat phone to you but you can’t lift the phone. Sayi says my phone is silent that’s why i can’t lift the phone. Ashwini phone to virat, Virat lift the phone, ashwini given phone to sayi. Virat asking to sayi how are you. Sayi silently listen virat words. Then virat said sorry to sayi because coudn’t informed to you. Other end madhuri phone to sayi when ninad, sayi went to meet daadu