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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 February 2021 Written Update: Bhawani, Ninad Feels Tension Because of Devyani

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 February 2021 Episode begins with Sayi asking to pulkit if you come to my home initially answer my question what is your wife name. Then pulkit said my wife name is Devyani, 10 years ago in this maha shivarathri day i will married Devyani. At that time sayi said i know you husband Devyani. Then pulkit asking to sayi how did you know, Sayi think herself what Devyani did at home. After that sayi said to pulkit i will try to know more about you that’s why i will come to your home for lunch. Then pulkit understands everything and said to sayi madhuri is my sister, Also pulkit said to sayi you think madhuri is my wife that’s why you leave the house. Then sayi stands silently.

After that sayi asking why harini call madhuri as a mom. Then pulkit said madhuri called to hari, Harini called to madhuri as a Maa. Later pulkit asking to sayi at any cost i will meet Devyani today because chawan family members said to me Devyani already married another guy. After that sayi said to pulkit every time Devyani said to me about her child. Then pulkit says harini is me and Devyani child. Later pulkit asking to sayi how devyani is now. Sayi said Devyani mentally unmatured.

Pulkit shocked and said to sayi if once entered Devyani life she will be ok. Sayi said to pulkit at any cost i will help to meet Devyani and asking to pulkit i don’t what happen to Devyani. Pulkit said to sayi i will come to your home to meet Devyani. Other end virat comes to sayi, Sayi think herself what happens if pulkit comes to home along with his daughter. Bhawani asking to karishma, pakhi please brings sweets to vishali, Vishali says no.

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26 February 2021

After that pandit comes to chawan home. Bhawani, Sonali try to taken pandit blessings but pandit said to them i will given something to your family i.e my blessings. Bhawani said to pandit we need your blessings because we are deep trouble. At that time pandit said to bhawani please given to me lemon, chili. After that pakhi asking to pandit who are you. Then pandit said i am a rushi. Other end omkar said to ninad i don’t know why mohit could’nt life the phone.

Later omkar shouts mohit pandit what dad. Then all the family members shocked to seen mohit acting. Later bhawani said to mohit because of your acting nothing you gain. At that time vishali asking to bhawani let’s i went to my home, Bhawani said ok. Other end Devyani played with dolls at that time Devyani close the doors of Devyani room. Ninad asking to Bhawani why you close the doors and feels tension. Then bhawani said to ninad i don’t know.

Ninad said to bhawani don’t feel tension. At temple sayi said sorry to madhuri, Madhuri asking to pulkit please brings your daughter. Also madhuri asking to sayi please once again come to my home for lunch and leave the her. At that time virat asking to sayi who is she. Sayi said she is PD sir sister. After that sayi asking to virat about Devyani. At home bhawani said to ninad, omkar i think something bad happens today at this home.

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