GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24 March 2021 Written Update: Pulkit sent video message to sayi

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24 March 2021 Episode 148 Spoiler begins with Sayi. Sayi sit her alone and think about pulkit and situations at home. At that time suddenly sayi gets video message which send by Pulkit. In that video message pulkit try to saying someone kidnap’s me. Once seen the video clip sayi shocked.

After that sayi decided herself i will shown these video to bhawani aunt, i will tell to bhawani aunt pulkit has not run away from us and walk towards bhawani room. Once reached the bhawani room sayi listen ninad, omkar, bhawani words. Ninad said to bhawani pulkit has sent a video message to sayi, When you kidnapped pulkit his phone was with you right?.

After that Bhawani said if that girl watches those videos then our game will be over. Sayi listen bhawani aunt words and shocked. To know what happen next in GHKKPM Episode 148 follow zeal study web portal. Here below provided complete written update shortly.

GHKKPM 24 March 2021 Written Update

Today written update begins with sayi think about pulkit words which is said on the occasion of shivrathri and starts crying. At that time ashwini comes to sayi room and asking her please stop crying, please eat something. Sayi said please forgive me because i will done huge mistake.

Also sayi said to ashwini because of me you feel bad in front of bhawani, ninad. Then ashwini asking to sayi please eat the food and said to sayi don’t ask me sorry and asking sorry to bhawani because she trust you. At bhawani her room speak with ninad, omkar finally sayi do not trust pulkit because of our plan. Also bhawani said to ninadm omkar you apply my plan very well and act very smart so this year we celebrated holi very well.

At forest pulkit try to get his phone which is fallen on the floor but suddenly kidnaper comes to him. Then pulkit thrown leaves on the phone. Sayi comes to devi room and said to her when she sleep i love you but i can’t help you and i don’t pulkit is true or fake. Other end once kidnaper went to his room again pulkit try to get phone and gets his phone finally.

Once he gets the phone recognized someone send message to sayi be