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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24 February 2021 Written Update: Sayi Harsh Confrontation In Front of Family Members

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24 February 2021 Written Update begins with Sayi gets the message from the her sister. Once seen the message sayi feels sad and virat asking to sayi what happens. Then sayi crying and explains to him what happen to her dad. At that time virat said we do not understand why mahadev done like this. Also virat said to sayi when me and samrat at childhood our nagesh uncle also died. After that virat informed to sayi please think about you and you will become a good doctor. Also virat asking to sayi please tell me now why you went to professor home. Sayi asking to virat do you beleave me, Virat said yes and sayi says i will went to professor home because of some urgent work and i will informed to you when time correct situation happen.

Day changed bhawani said to all the family members what to do maha shivarathri festival. Also bhawani asking to pakhi from yesterday morning you couldn’t even food. At that time pakhi asking to bhawani i will went to her mom’s home. After that sonali asking to pakhi what happen yesterday night at virat room. Pakhi said yesterday night virat brings street food for sayi. Bhawani, Ninad, Omkar shocked to listen truth. At that time mithun comes to downstairs and ninad said to his wife virat couldn’t listen our words. Mohit said to ninad what virat did for sayi is correct, Karishma asking to please calm down but mohit couldn’t listen his wife words also.

At that time bhawani remembered mohit you have to left two days to find the job. Mohit says yes i know but iam the member of this house. At that time virat, sayi comes to downstairs when ninad said to ashwini once virat comes to downstairs i will warn him. Virat listen ninad words and asking to him why you decided to warns me. Bhawani asking to virat, sayi where are you going, Sayi said we both went to temple. After that ninad asking to virat did you bring street food to sayi. Sayi accept the truth and bhawani asking to virat you stops your wife when she went to outside and try to taken the food from outside.

After that sayi said i am asking to virat bring the food for all the family members. Also sayi said to pakhi because of you all these matters happens now. After that virat says i will recognized my mistake so i will bring food for you all when we return to home. Bhawani says today is Shivarathri and pakhi asking to virat i don’t know why sayi angry on me every time. Then ashwini asking to pakhi you interfering everytime when virat and sayi went outside.

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