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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22 February 2021 Written Update: Virat Surprises His Wife Sayi With Candy

GHKKPM (Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein) Today (22 February 2021) Episode Begins with Usha asking to sayi why you packs your bag, Sayi i don’t have a time please pack my bag quickly because i will leave the house. Virat comes to his room and asking to his wife why you leave the house and also asking to usha please wait at outside the house for few minutes i will speak with my wife. Usha leaves the room, Virat asking to his wife why you pack your bags and why you leave the house to holds sayi hand. Then sayi asking to virat why you every time holds my hands.

Then virat leaves sayi hands and taken the cream to apply on sayi hands. At that time sayi said to virat do not bother about me because i will leave the house. Virat said sorry to sayi and agree his mistakes. Sayi asking to him why you said sorry to me. But virat again said sorry to sayi and said to her do not repeat this type of incidents in this home because i will promise you. Then sayi says you not done a mistake and you show your real character and because of that i will feel fear in front of all the family members.

Later virat said to sayi today Sunday and holiday for me but you will went to meet your professor house. Sayi asking to virat what is the problem if i meet my professor. Then virat again asking to sayi do not leave the house because i feel bad for you. Sayi said to virat i will taken a decision so i will leave the home and asking to virat do not stop me, holds her bags. At that time virat again said sorry to sayi & i will ready to say sorry to infrant of family members. Other end usha knocks karishma room door, Karishma asking to mohit who knock the door in this night and open the door. Once karishma open the door usha entered the room.

Mohit asking to usha please given to the plate i will handover to the sayi but karishma handover the plate start eating. Mohit any one karishma and said to her it’s for sayi and also said sorry to usha because what karishma did. Other end virat said to sayi today Sunday and i will spend time with you but you can not said anything to me and decided to went to your professor home. After that sayi asking to virat but you stops me when i am went to professor home. Then virat said i will plan we both went for lunch for good restaurant but you went to professor home and i don’t know who is.

Later both are starts crying, Virat holds sayi hands and said to her please give me a chance and i will bring food for you. Sayi asking to virat please promise me do not repeat this type of incident with me and any other. Then virat promises to sayi and said do not repeat this in my dreams also and said sorry to sayi once again. Sayi smiles and virat went to outside to bring food what sayi likes and return to home. Once virat return to sayi sleeps but virat surprises with candy flowers.

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