GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 February 2021 Written Update: Sayi Decided To Leave The House Check Why

GHKKPM (Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein) 20th February Episode begins with Sayi said to usha moshi with in two days i will get scholarship un till that i could’nt eat food do you understand. Ninad said to his wife ashwini do not cry because what virat did to sayi is correct, Mohit comes to virat and said to him you did wrong to sayi bhabhi. Sayi asking to mohit do not feel about me because do not happen to me if couldn’t eat food. Then mohit said to ashwini you are my sister that’s why i will bring food for you. Sonali, Karishma, Omkar, Bhawani shocked to listen mohit words, Mohit asking to sayi i will bring food for you. Karishmi try to said no to mohit, Mohit said to his wife do not interfere between us.

Also, mohit said to virat your my hero but i do not think your self like this. Virat said to mohit do not offer food to sayi but mohit couldn’t listen virat words and went to kitchen to bring food. Ashwini asking to sayi do not cry. Then sayi went to her room, Virat feel bad. After that all the family members except sayi, ashwini and virat sit at dinning table for dinner, Bhawani said to those members finally few days later i feel happy today, Pakhi asking to them let’s start the dinner. Bhawani asking to pakhi let’s sit with us but pakhi said no. Karishma said to pakhi how can you eat with out virat, Bhawani said to pakhi thanks because you think about all the family members.

After that devi given chocolate, sayi said thanks to you. Then devi try to leave sayi room but sayi asking to devi please stay with me. At that time devi said no because you will know my husband name. After that sayi asking to devi who told you pulkit sir marriage is over. Then devi said about ninad i.e he hits pulkit when he comes to home. At that time ninad comes to devi and asking to her what are you doing with sayi please went to your room. Then devi went to her room, Sayi said sorry to devi and think herself pulkit sir marriage is over and he had a small daughter. After that virat think himself i will asking to sayi went to ouside for lunch but what she done today.

At that time pakhi brings food for virat, Virat said i don’t interested and asking to her please leave me alone. Ashwini seen them, said to pakhi do not try to destroy relationships please. Pakhi leaves virat room, Ashwini met virat and said to him you did mistake today. Virat asking to ashwini today i am looking bad and sayi looks right but i am try to say what is good and bad. After that ashwini remembered to virat what he doing when sayi asking to usha bring food from outside and leaves virat room. Once ashwini leave the room virat said to him self what you doing virat. Sayi holds her dad photo and crying and remembered what virat did with her and decided to her self leave the house and said to usha let’s pack my bags. Virat asking to sayi where are going.

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