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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2 March 2021 Written Update: Ninad lashes out at sai for opposing Bhavani

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2 March 2021 Written Update, Read full written update (2-3-2021) Devi said your not looking like pulkit. Then pulkit said to her to studying the books i will get glasses that’s why you unable to recognized me and i am your husband and our marriage already done. Then devi asking to pulkit already your marriage happens, you already have a daughter. Pulkit said no these people said lie to you. Omkar asking to pulkit already you acts more please leave the home. Shivani asking to all the family members we have a choice to rectify our mistakes regarding pulkit. Bhawani asking to shivani just stops talking noncense.

Aswini crying, Ninad asking to sayi please do not stop in front her but sayi couldn’t liste and ninad raise his hands on sayi. At that time virat comes & holds his father hands. All the family members schoked, Virat asking to his dad what happen here & why you raise hand on daughter-in-law. Then ninad said to his sayi reached her limits. After that virat seen pulkit and asking him after long time you here. Pulkit says sayi brings me here and informed to him about his wife. Sayi also said to virat devi is pulkit wife. Later virat asking to his dad, bhawani devi, pulkit married already.

Bhawani said sayi said wrong, Pulkit said to virat 10 years befores i will married devi at temple on the occasion of Maha Shivarathri. Virat asking to bhawani what pulkit said is, Bhawani says what he said is lie and Devi said no pulkit and my marriage already happens at lord shiva temple. Bhawani, Ninad, Omkar shocked to listen devi words. Pulkit asking to devi do not feel tension and asking to his wife please come with me to home. Then devi said i am mentally unstable so i am unable to come your home and sayi take care of me. Ashwini, Usha, Shivani smiles devi words.

After that pulkit said to his wife iam with you and make you happy. Devi asking to her husband you really take care of me. Shivani said devi its true this is not a dream. Ashwini said to devi pulkit is good guy i know he his really well so you do not fell tension because we are with you. Then pulkit asking to his wife please given your hands, Bhawani asking to pulkit please maintain distance but devi holds pulkit hands. Again bhawani shouts pulkit leave my daughter hands. Devi leaves pulkit hands and asking to her mom don’t do anything to pulkit.

Sayi asking to devi do not feel tension because pulkit is your husband. Then pulkit said to his wife do not feel tension beacuse i have a money, iam a good doctor. Bhawani think herself finally sayi destroy our pride. Pakhi asking to sayi you do not care about pride. Mohit supports sayi, Sonali said to her son please calm down. Then virat said to pulkit sorry because i don’t know about marriage. Pulkit says how you can know because they are all hides the matter.

After that pulkit said to congratulations because you become a IPS. Also pulkit said to virat sayi is good girl. Then virat said sorry to behalf of our family. Bhawani asking to virat do not said sorry to pulkit. Virat asking to bhawani where your are and what happen if they both loved each other. Also virat said to bhawani pulkit is good guy. Then sonali said to virat first your wife stands with pulkit and now you. At that time virat said to sonali sayi informed to me about devi marriage but i do not trust her.

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