GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19 March 2021 Written Update: Devyani Emotional Outburst

Sonali asking to bhawani you still waiting for pulkit, Karishma says omkar uncle informed to us pulkit running away from because he his done mistake. At that time sayi return to home and asking to bhawani please forgive me because once gets message from pulkit his phone switch off. At that time shivani asking to sayi madhuri have any other number, Sayi said no. At that time bhawani says madhuri doesn’t no anything and devi still waiting for pulkit.

Sonali said to bhawani if pulkit can not return to home why we wait for him, Shivani said yes i agree with sonali. At that time devi comes to downstairs and asking to sayi and her mom when pulkit return to home and when my marriage happens with him. Bhawani said to sayi pulkit played drama with my daughter i don’t know where he his. Also bhawani said to sayi i will given another chance to him but he can not comes to chavans home.

Omkar meet kidnapper, asking to him where is pulkit phone. Kidnapper given phone to omkar, Omkar taken the phone from kidnapper return to home along with ninad. After that ninad appreciate to omkar for what he his done. At home bhawani said to sayi if pulkit not meet us till today i can not agree for this marriage. Devi asking to sayi why pulkit comes to our home. At that time sayi gets a message from pulkit, Bhawani asking to sayi may i read the message.

Sayi given phone to bhawani, Bhawani read the message which is sent by pulkit i.e iam unable to meet you because you all know my secret i.e i will married sangeetha deshpande. But sayi don’t know omkar send this message. When bhawani read the message sayi, devi crying. Also in that message pulkit said i can’t agree for this marriage. Devi stars crying, shivani asking to devi please don’t cry. Bhawani said to sayi me and omkar, ninad know how pulkit is that’s why we sent him outside from out house, But you again taken pulkit to this home.

Sayi stands silently, Sonali said to bhawani why you still speaking about pulkit. Shivani said to sayi i will trust you because you think about our family but today i will lose hopes on you. Then bhawani said to sayi you will cheat chavan family so at present i will send you outside but i can not do this because virat not yet home. At that time devi again went to unconscious mode, ninad phone to doctor