Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19 April 2021 Written Update: Virat Apologizes To Pulkit

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19 April 2021 Written Update begins Sayi gets phone call from usha and sayi seen virat presence at college and leave the principal room and lifts usha phone. Usha says virat comes to the college, Sayi says yes i will seen him leave the principal room. After that virat comes to principal room, administrator given doctor given original documents to principal and virat seen the documents and gets angry on administrator and asking to him when comes to you and asking about pulkit original documents you shown Sangeetha deshpandey documents. Administrator says someone given money to me and given the document to me and asking to me shown the document if you comes to the college.

At that time virat asking to administrator who is that person. Administrator shown omkar photo, Virat shocked and asking to administrator leave the room. After that principal informed to virat sayi just said to me about pulkit and devi, Virat feels sad and remembered sayi words and what he did for sayi and try to phone sayi. But sayi phone gets switch off tone. After that virat comes to pulkit room, pulkit open the door. Virat stand outside, Devi comes to pulkit and asking to him went inside the room and asking to virat don’t arrest my husband.

Virat says sorry to devi and starts crying and i will come to here says apologies to pulkit. Devi and pulkit feels happy. Pulkit asking to virat yesterday night you said to me at any cost sent to the jail but why you asking sorry to me. Virat says just i know the truth, Devi given sweets to virat and asking about sayi and thinks may be she went to the college. Also devi asking to virat let’s taken the sweets and said to her this sweet made by pulkit. Pulkit asking to virat about sayi, Devi asking to virat no one at home don’t say anything to sayi and you don’t angry on sayi. Virat says yesterday night when sayi comes to home we feel she did wrong for you that’s why we asking to her leave the house.

Devi starts crying and asking to virat why you did this. Then virat says i will done mistake and i think she went to gadchiroli. Pulkit asking to virat you still don’t know she went to gadchiroli or not. Then virat says i feel angry on myself. Pulkit says no one for sayi at gadchiroli, Devi asking to virat you leave the room and don’t speak with me. Virat asking to devi please forgive me. Pulkit says you must asking sorry to sayi