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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 February 2021 Written Update: Pulkit shocking revelation

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 February 2021 Written Update begins with Virat said to pakhi i will hide love on you it’s true because your my friend and also your my brother wife. Then pakhi said to virat to do mistakes and said sorry, you forget the promise and said sorry. Also pakhi says iam alone and because of your mistake me and your brother and sayi feels sad. When pakhi speaks virat stands silently. Other end bhawani said to ashwini about sayi but ashwini asking to her do not said to me about sayi also sonali said to bhawani why we waste our time to speak about sayi. After that bhawani said to family members please completed your works, All the family members went to their works. Then bhawani think herself if sayi returned to home let’s what iam.

Other end sayi comes to pulkit home, suddenly when she knocks the door a lady open the door and sayi think herself who is she and asking to her where is pulkit sir. Then lady said to sayi pulkit sir went to friend home and he soon return to home. Other end sayi searching for pulkit family photo to know who is the lady at pulkit home. After that mohit return to home and given to karishma samosa, Karishma thinks mohit gets a job and try to went to downstairs to said to family members about job. Then mohit said couldn’t get job and karishma asking to where are you going. Mohit said to his wife i will went to rehearsals.

Other end unknown lady speaks with sayi and said to her every year pulkit sir invites for lunch his best students. At that time sayi said to lady i will went to home, Pulkit return to home and introduced his wife madhuri and daughter harini. Later pulkit asking to sayi everything ok at your home. Then sayi said to pulkit why you asking about my family matters. At that time pulkit says i think you angry on me, Sayi asking to pulkit where your stay at sundar nagar. Pulkit asking to sayi why you suddenly asking about it. Again sayi asking to pulkit same question. Then pulkit said chavan house, Sayi shocked and think herself devi said is correct and asking to pulkit why you informed me intially.

Then pulkit asking to sayi when iam come to your home for lunch. But suddenly sayi leaves pulkit home, madhuri asking to her husband why sayi leaves with out having a lunch. At home bhawani sit at dining table, sonali asking to bhawani you asking to prepare marathi food, bhawani asking to sonali you ready for lunch, sonali said yes. At that time karishma said to bhawani about sayi but sonali asking to karishmi please asking to pakhi come for lunch. Pakhi come to dinning table and bhawani given food to pakhi to given virat. Pakhi taken lunch for virat and knock the door. Virat open the door, pakhi asking to virat please eat something.

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