GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17 March 2021 Written Update: Pulkit Phone Not Reached

GHKKPM (Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein) 17 March 2021 Premier Episode 142 release today 6.00 AM on Disney Plus Hotstar for who subscribed for VIP Membership, Available this episode on TV according to the schedule. Subscribe Hotstar Membership for premier episodes (Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu Serials) before the Television.

In previous episode sayi return to college to know the exat details of pulkit wife but administration went early from college, Devi gets unconscious to think about pulkit & marriage. Doctor comes to chawan family check devi health condition said to bhawani and other family because of mental tension she gets unconscious, If she lose the tension will be normal other wise must admit at hospital.

Sayi return to home and listen doctor words, Bhawani leave the room and think about devi life, said to sayi i will meet pulkit and i will agree for pulkit and devi marriage. Sayi feels happy. To know today episode written update follow zeal study web portal

GHKKPM 17 March 2021 Written Update

bhawani informed to sayi asking to pulkit come to our home, i will speak with him about marriage. Ninad, Omkar, Sonali shocked. Also bhawani said if pulkit proves himself not married with other women i will agree for marriage. Ashwini said to bhawani thanks to agree for this marriage. Ninad said to ashwini don’t support devi, pulkit. Then bhawani said to ninad don’t speak like this because ashwini also loved devi like me.

Omkar said to bhawani what about virat shown proof i.e sangeeth deshpandy. Bhawani says may be that letter is wrong. Ninad asking to bhawani please think once again, Sayi said to bhawani please think with your heart. Sonali asking to sayi who are you speaking with ninad about devi. Then sayi said i will speak truth so i don’t fear to seen ninad.

After that sayi asking to bhawani please tell me to devi you agree for marriage with pulkit because devi feel better. Bhawani agree for that and asking to ashwini please come with me. Once bhawani, ashwini went to devi room sonali said to omkar what happen to bhawani and why she changed decision.

Bhawani went to devi room, devi gets consicious and ashwini said to devi your mom try to said something to you. Then sayi said to devi if pulkit is good guy bhawani aunty agree for your marriage with pulkit. Then devi asking to sayi is it right, Sayi asking to devi please ask to ashwini aunty it’s correct or not. Devi asking to ashwini is it right, Ashwini said yes.

After that bhawani said to devi i will given one oppertunity to pulkit to prove himself . Then devi hugs bhawani and said thanks. Later devi asking to sayi please call to pulkit and informed to him come to our home. Then sayi phone to pulkit at that time ashwini asking to sayi if virat phone to you do not said to him about devi because he went for training camp.

After that sayi phone to pulkit but he can’t lift the phone. Later madhuri phone to sayi asking to her you speaking with pulkit. Sayi said no, Madhuri said i feel tension to think about pulkit, Sayi said do not feel panic. Again sayi phone to pulkit, pulkit try to remove threads and try to lift the phone but no one know pulkit life in danger because he kidnapped.

After that kiddnpper informed to pulkit someone said to us kidnapping you. At that time ninad phone to kidnapper said to him you will half money now and half money after work.