GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 March 2021 Written Update: Devi health condition not well

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16 March 2021 Episode 141 begins with sayi. Sayi comes to college and reached administration block but know at office room, sayi try to open the cupboards to check pulkit file. But suddenly office boy comes to administration room and asking to sayi what are you doing here. Then sayi asking about administration staff info. Office boy says they just leave the office. Sayi went to downstairs to meet him and asking him about shown the file. But administration staff deny.

At home devi broken all the material which is placed her room and shouts i want my gifts which is sent by pulkit. Bhawani comes to devi room and asking her please stop it but devi angry on bhawani. Ashwini try to stops devi but suddenly devi gets unconscious, Bhawani asking to pakhi please call to ninad and omkar said to them call to doctor power and bring me here. Other end ashwini phone to sayi and informed to her about devi situation.

Doctor comes to chawan house and check devi health condition, Devi speaks sayi, pulkit, marriage. Then doctor said to bhawani devi think so much about something because of that she feels tension. At that time sayi reached the home and asking to doctor what if happen she couldn’t feel normal. Doctor said at that condition you must admitted her at hospital. After that doctor leave the house and bhawani seen sayi side and leave the devi room. After that sayi send voice message to pulkit i.e devi health condition is not well and call me.

Bhawani listen sayi when she send voice message and said to her because of you devi health condition is not well. After that sayi said to bhawani, ninad, omkar because of you all devi feels tension and now she is in unconsciously sleep on the bed. Also sayi said if virat know about devi health condition he feels scare.  At that time ashwini comes to sayi said to her virat out of station because some training assignments. Sonali said to bhawani i feel tension if we admitted devi at hospital. Sayi asking to bhawani devi need treatment now, also please trust pulkit.

Again ninad, omkar, sonali angry on sayi, Ashwini asking to them please do not try to blame sayi and think about devi. Ninad asking to bhawani what happen and why you sit silently. Bhawani said if i think about devi i feel tension. Sonali asking to bhawani we admitted devi at hospital or not. Bhawani asking to sayi you must bring pulkit here and asking him speak with me and prove himself what virat shown to us is wrong. Then ninad asking to bhawani what are you doing pulkit cheat us and our devi. Later sayi asking to bhawani you agree for devi, pulkit marriage and bhawani said yes

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