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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 February 2021 Written Update Serial Episode 114

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15 February 2021 Written Update begins with sayi reached the college and pulkit met sayi and asking to her i think you apply for leave. Then sayi said to pulkit because my trip cancel. At that time pulkit said to sayi cancel the tickets for because you miss the classes that’s why cancel the trip. Then sayi said because of my family members i will cancel the trip. After that pulkit think himself at any cost informed to sayi about deviyani and asking to sayi please come to my home for lunch. Then sayi said yes and think herself pulkit sir had a connection with deviyani.

After that pulkit informed to sayi first you come to my home for lunch and later i will come to your home for lunch. Then sayi says yes and pulkit went to his class room. Day changed virat comes to sayi and said to her sorry because of me all the family members misunderstood you. Then sayi said iam happy cancel the trip, Virat asking to sayi why. Sayi said to virat because pakhi come with you. Virat said to sayi did you know how i feel to listen your words.

After that virat asking to his wife why you feel so much of igo and you try to leave alone. Then sayi said till iam alone. Also sayi asking to her husband you know what pakhi did for me but iam said sorry to her but she cancel the trip because iam with you but she don’t have a problem you both went for trip. Then virat angry on sayi and asking to her please calm down. But sayi again asking to virat about pakhi love At that time virat asking to his wife who are you to speaking about us and aslo virat said to his wife you don’t what is love and what is friendship.

Then sayi said to virat you both are not friends. At that time virat says what you said now to me it’s all fake.Then sayi to virat if other women stands in place i think she cry everyday in this home. After that virat said to sayi i will come here to asking sorry but matter diverted and i think you understood situations very well but you can’t.

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