GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13 March 2021 Written Update: Sayi Vow For Devyani

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13 March 2021 Season 1 Episode 139 begins with virat said to family members because of Pulkit Devi crying. Ninad, Pakhi said yes also said to virat please informed to sayi what pulkit is. Sayi said to family member i am not said virat saying lie to us. Then virat said intially i will support sayi to happen pulkit, devi marriage but this marriage couldn’t happen. Devi said pulkit is good guy, please arrange my marriage with pulkit. After that bhawani says to virat you finally saves devi life. Also bhawani said to family holi is coming soon so we celebrate holi is well.

Also bhawani asking to pakhi you start the preparations for holi. Pakhi said yes, Sayi and Ashwini starts crying to think about pulkit, devi. After that devi went to her room and sayi followed her and given water to him and asking to her please drink water. But devi thrown water glass and says pulkit is good guy and i can’t stay way from my husband. Then sayi said please trust me, Devi asking to sayi please do anything. Sayi said ok but now you taking rest. Then devi said i will trust you and says thank you, hugs each other.

After that sayi phone to pulkit and said to i will speak with some important matter. Pulkit asking to sayi anything urgent. Sayi said virat comes to our college and verify your profile. In that profile file your spouse name displayed as a Sangeeta Deshpande. After that pulkit shocked and said to sayi i will shown my profile to you. Then sayi said yes informed to him i will support you and i will done your marriage after the marriage. Other end virat speaking with sunny and asking to him come for holi are not. Sunny said yes and asking about sayi.

Virat said to sunny what happen at home. Other end sayi asking to usha everyone try to blame me. Usha said i think virat said lie to us. Sayi said virat is not lier, Sunny said to virat please start your new journey. Virat said yes end their conversation, Virat think about what gift i given to sayi. Other end Bhawani, Sonali, Pakhi speaking about virat. At that time sonali said to bhawani sangeetha deshpande save us. Later bhawani said to them people from our city comes to our house to celebrate the holi.

After that sonali leave the kitchen then bhawani said to pakhi i don’t know you think like this. Then pakhi says i will promise you stop this devi marriage with pulkit and i will completed my promise. Later bhawani said i will proud to seen you. Afer that virat went to his room and asking to sayi why you couldn’t studied today. Then sayi said to him i will speak with you, Virat said to her if you speaking about pulkit i can’t listen. Later sayi said to virat i will about myself and said to pulkit is already married and i will proved and his wife name is devyani.

After that virat said to sayi please stop this conversation. Sayi said to virat pulkit don’t said to lie to us, Virat asking to sayi you think i will said lie to you. Sayi said i didn’t says like this. Also sayi said to virat how you trusted to seen a document pulkit again married another person