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GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12 February 2021 Written Update Episode 113

GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12 February 2021 Written Update begins with virat asking to sayi are you keep with ticket and id proof. Sayi says yes and shown id proofs to virat and virat appreciated sayi because she supports mohit. After that sayi asking to virat about devi marriage, if marriage happens we help her to met her husband. Virat said i know she’s marriage not happens. Then sayi asking to why devi every time shouts my husband is doctor. Virat said i don’t know and leaves the room. The sayi knows virat nothing know about devi marriage. After that bhawani asking to pakhi what is in the bag. Pakhi said i will made sandwich for virat because he doesn’t like outside food. Then bhawani feels happy and said to her once your work completed let’s seen nice places at ladakh.

Pakhi said to bhawani we went for official work. At that time virat comes to downstairs and said to bhawani we went ladakh to finds samrat because we did not get any info about samarat. Bhawani said yes we feel about samarat but pakhi feels more. Virat said yes and asking to pakhi it’s time to went airport. Then pakhi says where is your wife bhawani said to today sayi apply for leave but where is she, ninad comes to downstairs and informed to pakhi i think your flight 11.00 AM. Saloni said to pakhi if your flight is 11.00 AM you must reached airport 10.00. At that time ashwini comes to hall and asking to sayi come to downstairs. Sayi says yes i will come.

Once she went downstairs said sorry to ashwini because so much taken to wear saree. After that ashwini asking to sayi every day you must wear the saree because you looking good. Saloni asking to sayi let’s go to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for us. Ashwini said to saloni sayi prepared breakfast for us because she went outside. Then pakhi asking to virat let’s move to the airport. Virat asking to sayi are you ready, Pakhi asking to virat why you asking her. Virat said because she also come with us. Bhawani asking to virat why you informed earlier about sayi.

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