GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10 March 2021 Written Update: Pakhi read the letter, Sayi Deny

Ashwini asking to sayi how virat feel to seen gifts. Sayi asking to ashwini which gift, Ashwini says how many gifts given to him. Then sayi said two gifts. After that pakhi given tea to everyone. At that time some ring the calling bell. Pakhi went to door but know one their outside, Later pakhi recognized a letter which is by sangeetha deshpandey. Pakhi asking to family members did you know sangeetha anyone in the family.

Bhawani said no. Pakhi read the letter i.e My name is sangeetha deshpandy and i am the wife of pulkit deshpandy. Sayi and Ashwini said to pakhi i think it’s fake letter. Bhawani, Sonali said this letter is not fake, Pulkit is fake. At that virat went to office and asking to his dad what happen and wife you feel tension. Ninad said letter from pulkit wife. Virat says devi written the letter, Ninad said no sangeetha deshpandy wife of pulkit send this letter.

Bhawani asking to pakhi read the letter, Pakhi read the letter i.e i know chawan family well but you don’t me. Also sangeetha said in the letter once my marriage happens with pulkit i will seen his other side i.e he his angry chawan family and me also. After read the letter pakhi says bhawani aunty what you have said to me is right because sangeetha also written same on the letter. Ninad supports bhawani and said to virat did you listen what pulkit wife written on this letter.

Sonali also said to virat pulkit is dangerous guy, Ninad said to virat before taken a decision must think about this letter. Sayi said to ninad virat think about devi happiness. Ninad said to sayi i will speak with my son, Sayi says your son is my husband. After that sayi said to virat we must asking to pulkit about this letter. Ninad asking to pakhi please read the letter completely. Sangeetha also informed on the letter is madhuri is pulkit wife but in front of this world she is his sister.

Bhawani asking to sayi did you know who is madhuri. Sayi says yes, Virat also said to bhawani i am also meet her. After that pakhi read the letter i.e sangeetha said i will written this letter to you only because i will informed you truth. Bhawani thanks to god to informed us truth. Mohit said to family members why you feel tension and you went to pulkit home and asking to him about this letter. Omkar asking to mohit why you every time supports sayi.

Pakhi said to sayi please think carefully because pulkit already married sangeetha and stay with madhuri. Then sayi said why some one written fake letter. Also sayi asking to pakhi please given sangeetha address i will speak with her. Virat said to sayi what you said is correct but it’s devi life. After that ashwini said to sayi when you went to college asking to pulkit about this letter. At that time sayi try to phone pulkit, pakhi grabs sayi phone and informed to her if you phone to pulkit he his alret.

Also virat said to sayi what pakhi says is correct we must identified what’s pulkit secrets. Sayi, Ashwini said this letter is fake and virat asking to family members no one informed to devi about this letter.