GHKKPM 9 April 2021 Written Update: Virat stops the pulkit, devi wedding at final stage

GHKKPM 9 April 2021 Written Update begins with Pulkit, Devi try to completed 7 vows and sayi looking into entrance and pray to the god virat don’t comes to marriage hall till the marriage is over. Madhuri comes to sayi said to her after long years i will seen smile on pulkit face. At that time virat and his team entered the marriage hall and shouts let’s stop the marriage. Sayi and pulkit, devi shocked. Virat says this marriage not legally happens. Sayi asking to the virat how you can says like this. Virat angry on sayi and asking to her initially your phone can’t answer and later switch off the phone.

Also virat said to sayi you cheat entire family. Mehtha comes to virat and said to him pulkit is a good guy. At that time devi asking to virat you don’t blame pulkit because he agree to marry me. Mehta again said to virat pulkit is good citizen. Virat says pulkit already married another girl. Pulkit says yes. Sayi, Devi shocked. Pulkit says iam initially married devi 10 years back and now iam married again her in front of people. Bhawani, Ninad, Omkar reached the marriage hall. Bhawani angry on pulkit.

Virat asking to bhawani, ninad, omkar why you come here. Ninad said to virat we come here to taken devi from pulkit. Bhawani said to virat you come here as a police officer and we come here as a family members. Devi says you are not my family member and sayi is my family member. Also devi says iam waiting to meet pulkit & because of sayi i will meet pulkit. Virat says devi i will come here to arrested pulkit. Virat asking to devi do you trust me. Devi says yes but i don’t trust bhawani, ninad, omkar and starts crying. Virat asking to devi please stop crying.

Also virat asking to devi please come with me i will take care you and please don’t trust pulkit because he used you and try to cheat us. Devi says no because once i come to home they thrown in me in to the room. Sayi said to bhawani, ninad, omkar you have a chance to rectify your mistakes. Virat asking to sayi please stop speaking here. Also virat says to pulkit you already married and now try to married mentally unstable women that’s why i will arrested you. Pulkit says you don’t arrested me because i will done this marriage in front of people.

After that pulkit says devi is not mentally unstable and because your family members given wrong medicine to her that’s why she behave like this. Virat asking to pulkit come with me to the station. Pulkit asking to virat do you have any proof. Virat shown a college profile paper.