GHKKPM 8 April 2021 Written Update: Virat finally know sayi phone last location

GHKKPM 8 April 2021 Written Update episode begins with  Virat and his team reached pulkit home and knock the door. Neighbors come outside and said to virat may be they went outside along with new dress may be they went for marriage. After that virat asking to neighbors about sangeetha. Neighbors said we don’t know about sangeetha, we know about his daughter harini and sister madhuri. After that sonali comes to bhawani and shown half burn sangeetha letter. Shivani said to sonali who can do this. Ninad, Omkar says may be sayi did this. Bhawani says sayi steel the letter from patralekha and burn the letter and thrown on dust bin.

Pulkit sit on horse and comes to function hall. Devi feels happy to seen pulkit. Sayi Feels happy to seen devi dance. After that devi said to sayi pulkit sit on horse. After that devi asking to sayi you must welcomes pulkit. Madhuri and Mehata also asking to welcomes to pulkit . Later pulkit return to his office and try to phone to sayi but her phone switch off. Virat asking to his employee to track the phone location when sayi welcomes pulkit. After that pulkit taking blessings from sayi. Other end virat know the sayi phone location.

After that inspector saying to virat at that location marriages, birthday parties happens, Pulkit and Devi marriage begins and virat and his travel to where sayi is location and pulkit remembered his marriage with devi. Later both devi, pulkit exchange garland. Sayi feels happy to seen devi and pulkit marriage and pray to lord bappa virat can’t reached the place till marriage is over. At home bhawani speaks with ninad, omkar, paki about sayi and asking to pakhi call to virat and asking to him know about devi, sayi. When pulkit try to tie the mangalsutra devi says stops, sayi and other members shocked and think why devi do like this.

Sayi asking to devi what happen. Devi asking to sayi where is my purse. Sayi given devi purse, Devi taken gold chain and given to pulkit, asking to him please tie with mangalsutra. Finally pulkit tie mangalsutra and virat and his team reached the function hall. Pakhi phone to virat and asking to him did you find devi, sayi. Virat says yes and entered function hall.