GHKKPM 7 April 2021 Written Update: Pulkit surprise for devyani, Pakhi creates new drama to fire a letter

Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 7 April 2021 Written Update Pulkit informed to devi according to your wish our marriage arrangements happens here. Sayi asking to pulkit how you can set alone. Pulkit says to sayi all who attended this function helps to me like someone helps decoration, someone helps on catering. At that time virat phone to sayi, sayi couldn’t lift the phone. Virat thinks himself why sayi did this. At home pakhi searching for letter which send by sangeetha deshpanday and try to fires it. After that pakhi thinks if virat asking this letter and i don’t given to him he doubt on me.

Other end virat wear police dress and went to meet sayi. Pakhi called him & virat said sayi don’t respect our rules. Pakhi said to virat sayi not listen your words and still she can’t lift the phone. Then virat shown sayi phone and says everything in the phone. Bhawani sign to ninad, Ninad said to virat i will come with you. Virat says no and i will send my team to find sayi and devi and leave the house. Ashwini think i don’t virat to do today because it’s sayi’s fault. Devi asking to pulkit who is she. Madhuri says i am pulkit sister and Devi asking to pulkit you don’t tell me about madhuri.

Pulkit says when you meet me she is not with me, Madhuri says i will takr care madhuri. After that pulkit said to sayi take care of devi also pulkit asking to mehtha please come with me. Later virat message to sayi and says devi with you. Other end devi feels happy to all arrangements which is arragened by pulkit. Later ashwini phone to sayi but can’t lift the phone and shivani asking to ashwini why sayi can’t lift the phone. Later devi asking to pulkit i want a child, Pulkit says we have already have a daughter and it’s name harini. Devi feels happy.

At home pakhi fires the letter and comes to kitchen and thrown half fires letter on dustbin. At that time sonali comes to kitchen and pakhi acts like room cleaning. Later pakhi seen a letter and asking to sonali what is it. Sonali hold the letter and says it’s sangeetha deshpanday letter. Pakhi says this letter i will placed on my cubboard. Then sonali says it’s sayi’s plan. Other devi ready for marriage and says thanks to sayi. Sayi ok i will went to home. Devi says no. Sayi says ok i will stay here and madhuri given a saree which is gift by pulkit.