GHKKPM 27 February 2023 Written Update; Pakhi shouts at virat

GHKKPM 27 February 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates spoiler is when virat stay alone his room pakhi reaches and shouts what is going on virat?. Then virat said pakhi you don’t know how serious it is. At that time pakhi said then tell me i want to now. Virat shouts I didn’t go to pick sai up at her office. When pakhi, virat speaking suddenly someone comes near the gate. Virat seen shadow of unknown person.

After that virat runs outside and checks who stands in front of the gate. But when virat comeout side no one stands in front of the gate. After that virat thinks what do i do about the safety of sai and savi, what if someone actually comes?, Virat went to their room and checked and decided i must do something and i’ll stay here for the night and sit in front of sayi room.

A few hours later pakhi come outside and seen virat sit in front of sayi room and cry. In the previous episode after getting attacked by ajay kamble’s goon, sai grows agitated and decides to teach him a lesson later, When sai slaps ajay. He swears to take revenge. For upcoming serial spoiler alerts follow zeal study web portal.