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GHKKPM 26 Feb 2023 Written Update: Sai Gets Attacked.

GHKKPM 26 Feb 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates is Pakhi yells at virat to explain what is going on. Virat claims he didn’t pick her up from Sai’s workplace. He becomes concerned for sai and savi’s safety after spotting a shadow next to an outhouse. He sleeps outside in an outhouse and wraps himself with Sai’s sari when he gets cold. While Virat is sleeping, envious Pakhi shreds the sari.

After getting attacked by ajay kamble’s goon, sai grows agitated and decided to teach him a lesson. Later when sai slpas ajay, he swears to take revenge. Before that sai calls to the doctor as savi pretends to get injured while playing. Despite pakhi’s obstruction, vinayak comes out of the house and treats savi.

GHKKPM 26 Feb 2023 aired on StarPlus as per the schedule according to the IST. Also Hotstar Premium subscribers check this episode. For upcoming serial spoiler alerts follow zeal study web portal.