GHKKPM 25 April 2022 Written Update: Virat not agree with sayi

Ghum Hai Kisikay Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 25 April 2022 Written Update for both sayi, virat stay their room. Sayi said to her husband i don’t care if anything is done for me. Virat said i don’t care about you, You think because your examinations i am running behind you and said yes for anything but it’s not happen.

Later sayi said you feel a problem if running behind me, but not a problem for you if running with me. After that sayi take handcuffs, lock the cuffs and hide their key. Virat asking his wife what you are doing, why are you doing like this. Sayi smiles, throws the key from the window. Virat shouts how to open these handcuffs. Then sayi said you are under my custody.

In previous episode of Ghum Jai Kiskikey Pyaar Meein Season 1 Episode 487 virat’s efforts finally bear fruit when bhavani gives her consent for rajeev and shivani’s marriage. Consequently, the entire family abides by bhavani’s decision. To know what happen in GHKKPM 25 April 2022 Episode 488 follow zeal study online web portal.