GHKKPM 22 April 2022 Written Update: Bhavani warn sayi, virat.

GHKKPM 22 April 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 487. Chavans sit together, Bhavani asking to sayi why virat sent an invitation to you. Sayi said virat wants all of us to attend the marriage of rajiv and shivani. Omkar think himself virat try to do shivani and rajiv marriage, Chavans again feels tension.

After that virat said shivani decided to married rajiv. Bhavani said just listen to my words and warn virat, said at any cost don’t happen marriage between bhavani, rajiv. Sayi, Virat think their self why bhavani behave like this. To know what happen Ghum Hai Kiskikey Pyaar Meein 22 April 2022 Episode 487 follow zeal study web portal.

In the previous episode The family praises virat for the bhabdara arrangements made during ram navami celebrations. However, sai and virat face their wrath when they learn that it was rajeev’s ideal. omkar drags shivani away from the wedding venue. In a fatal twist of events, a fire breaks out and rajeev gets admitted to the hospital.

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