GHKKPM 19 May 2022 Written Update: Thurat Punishes Sayi

GHKKPM 19 May 2022 Written Update is bhavani open her room doors enthusiastically thinking sayi and virat return and stand strained seeing visitors all things considered. Visitors inquire as to whether she won’t invite them in. Bhavani invites them in and presents them as suvarna and arthi who handle their territory’s sanctuary panel. Suvarna says they simply work under her. Oversight karishma says she has met them previously. After that Suvarna calls kanika and asks who she is. Karishma introduced her self.

Later survarna asks bhavani some information about other relatives, and asks her to give some water. Pakhi inquires as to whether she jumps at the chance to have cold or ordinary water. Suvarna says cool water mixed with normal water. Pakhi says ok in the event that she gets a sore throat as chavan family senior bahu is a doctor and will do her treatment for without cost. Arti gets some information above virat better half and inquires as to whether the present program is for her.

Other end sayi performing a patient’s delivery. Bhavani indignantly asks Ashwini when will Sai come and says she committed an error by getting sorted out the program, Sai disheartened her once more, and so forth. Pakhi strolls to her and says visitors are requesting juice. so will she serve her pre-arranged squeeze or will hang tight for Sai. Bhavani requests that she serve her pre-arranged juice. akhi requests that she taste it first. Bhavani tastes it and says its benefit. Pakhi while fill juice glasses insults Ashwini that Sai herself hit her foot on the hatchet and doesn’t merit regard. Ashwini cautions her to make a fuss over her dignity first and serve the juice to visitors. Pakhi leaves grimacing.

After that sayi successfully performed patient delivery, informed the patient husband it’s baby boy. Patient husband said thanks to sayi. The attendant says that Sai played out the main birth cautiously, even she will be baffled when she becomes acclimated to it. dr Thurat acclaims Sai for his great exhibition on his most memorable day of temporary position and rewards him with his 24-hour shift. Sai asks her for what reason she keeps on rebuffing her in the wake of finishing her job.

He says she will be able to leave alternatively her husband’s car will catch rust expecting her. Sai warns him to not build personal comments on her. He says he didn’t need to, however she tried to oversmart him by talking to her husband via the patient’s husband’s phone. Sai tries to clarify that her husband was coincidently present there once the patient’s husband was business the patient. Thurat doesn’t believe her and warns to administer her the toughest assignments among interns.