GHKKPM 19 July 2022 Written Update: Virat saves the lives

GHKKPM 19 July 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 562. Goon surrounded by bhavani, sayi, patralekha, Virat reached the hositpal and risk his life. Goons boss said to his members that someone entered the hospital. Virat comes downstairs, one of the goons enters the mortuary and verifies anyone in this room. Goons boss said i think no one in the room, call to the police we want helicpoter immedialty.

After that virat wear ward boy dress and reached where sayi, bhavani, pakhi room. At that time goons speaking with his boss, virat comes to the sayi and said don’t worry and go to the toilet, kill the one of the goons. Goons boss said to one of his staff where is ganpathi he went for the toilet, and said to his staff go and check where he his. Another goon start searching for ganpathi but virat kiils him. Other side’s boss asked the police about the helicopter. Otherwise I will kill the people.

At that time pakhi shouts virat, goons boss asking her virat inside the hospital. Later one of the goon seen virat, Goons leader said to virat if you do not stand in front of me i will kill your family members. Virat said i will stand in front of you but do not harm my family members. Sayi said to virat please saves bhavani and pakhi life. Bhavani hits one of the goons when he his try to aim for pakhi. After that sayi given weapon to virat. Virat shoots a goons leader and asks the police come inside the hospital. Later sai gets shocked to learn about the complication of pakhi’s pregnancy.