GHKKPM 12 April 2021 Written Update: Virat says to ashwini don’t support sayi

Virat speaking with bhawani and said to her because of sayi now devi not with and i am also unable to stops devi. Pakhi said to bhawani please take care yourself. Also pakhi says when you went for training i think sayi leaves pulkit matters but she don’t care our feelings and even your words. Then virat says yes, Pakhi asking to virat why you couldn’t stop the marriage. Virat says i don’t have exact proofs to stop the marriage. Pakhi says you stand alone and seeing the marriage this is the answer for you. Virat angry on pakhi and says we playing holi but sayi plan how performing the devi marriage.

Then sonali says what sayi wants to do now she completed, Bhawani asking to ashwini every time you supports sayi. Ashwini says i am asking to sayi don’t supports pulkit and what sayi said today is extremely unfair. Bhawani said to usha this is the time to asking to sayi leave the house. Then shivani said to family members let’s think why sayi did this marriage and may be sayi had something to proof. Then virat asking to shivani don’t speak about devi, pulkit and now matters what sayi did for us and close the doors. Ashwini asking to virat let’s listen sayi words why she did this.

Pakhi asking to ashwini you still supports sayi because pulkit already married sangeetha and sayi performing devi and pulkit marriage. Also pakhi says if sayi had a proof she must informing to the virat but she don’t informing to the virat. Then ashwini says please don’t talk about sayi, Virat says why you still support sayi and says from today onwards no one think about sayi. Ninad, Omkar, Bhawani, Sonali feels happy and shivani, usha feels sad. After that sonali suddenly says about sangeetha letter. Virat asking to please given the letter. Bhawani says someone burns the letter.

Virat asking to bhawani who burns the letter. Sonali says may be sayi burns the letter. Ashwini asking to sonali did you seen when sayi burns the letter. Sonali don’t say anything. After that pakhi says from beginning sayi said to us at any cost sayi performing the pulkit, devi marriage and now she did it. After that shivani said to pakhi why you every time think negative about sayi. Mohit also supports sayi. At that time suddenly someone knock the door, mohit think may be sayi and try to open the door, virat says don’t open the door.