GHKKPM 1 March 2022 Written Update: Sai know shocking fact about virat

GHKKPM 1 March 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 441. Pulkit and other family members waiting for the doctor. Once doctor come out from virat room pulkit asking to the doctor about virat present health condition. Then doctor informed to pulkit as early possible we performing the operation to the virat. Samrat, Omkar shocked.

Pulkit asking to the doctor why you are delay the operation procedure. Doctor think few seconds, said we don’t have injection which is need to performing the operation. At home chavans know regarding the injection, gets worried. At hospital doctor informed to pulkit if we didn’t given injection to the virat with in 2 hours it is very difficult for virat.

Sai know about the present situation at hospital and crying and think herself how we get the injection with in 2 hours. In previous episode bhavani ignores sai’s request to meet virat and blames her for turning the chavans against him. Then sai learns a shocking fact about virat’s health condition. To know GHKKPM Upcoming Episode spoiler follow zeal study.