Free Fire Redeem Code 23 October 2020: Garena FFIC Today Online Updates

Free Fire Redeem Code 23 October 2020 and Evil Pumpkin XM8 Details. The new incubator set finally launched. Collect enough evolution stone and blue prints to exchange for anyone of the Pumpkin XM8 Skin now. The skin fire rate is 2 plus, accuracy is is one plus and reload speed is minus. For more free fire updates follow zeal study.

Here it is the more FFIC Today Updates i.e first ever revolutionary skin is coming to FF. Engrave your name into the elite list of legends with the most powerful and epic blue flame draco ak skin. This skin available from 25th October 2020 on free fire and also chance to win 10x dragon scale tokens which you can to upgrade your drago ak skin. Here it is the steps to win 10x tokensĀ  i.e Share the “Blue Flame Dragon AK Gun Skin” video posted on our Facebook page, Reach 100K shares to receive the 10x Dragon Scale Tokens (The reward will be sent to everyone’s in-game mail once the milestone is reached)

Another FFIC Update is Magic Arrow. To get magic arrow shoot and win power of booyah bundle. Pick up your bow and arrows because we’re going item-hunting! Land on targets in the new event, Magic Arrow, and stand a chance to get the all-new Power Booyah bundle. Here it is the process i.e Choose the number of shots you want to make – 1 shot or 10 shots. You’ll then receive either coins that you can use in the redeem store to exchange for a prize or a discount for your next shoot or The Grand Prize.

For each shot you make you will receive an additional prize (Which you can check on the prize icon- at the top right section). Start practicing your target-shooting and take home your earnings! The Magic Arrow event ends on the 28th of October.


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