Free Fire Redeem Code 20 April 2021: Special for New Players Redeem Code is G3MKNDD24G9D

Free Fire Redeem Code 20 April 2021 is G3MKNDD24G9D. Free Starter Pack claim and join the survivor journey. This redeem code only available up this Thursday. Who are interested to join FFEU Survivor Journey they required to visit Only European region players utilize the code.

Another update from FFIC i.e Airspeed Ace Bundle now available in Fever Spin. When velocity beats time that’s when fear ceases to exit. Put on the Airspeed Ace bundle and experience the thrill of the wind that you have never felt. How to play is choose to spin once or 5 spins at a time. The Airspeed Ace Scythe is guaranteed to drop within 10 tries.

After obtaining the Airspeed Scythe, spin another 10 times to unlock the Fever Mode. The Fever Mode lasts for 15 minutes, all spins will be discounted by 20%. To redeem the code required enter the valid code other wise unable to claim the reward.