Free Fire Redeem Code 14 April 2021: Login On To The Official Portal

Free Fire Redeem Code 14 April 2021 is now alive. Login on to the official portal that is to redeem the code. To login or claim the code you have to choose social accounts called as Facebook, Google, Apple or Twitter, Huawei. Once login to the account to claim the reward required to provide redemption code has 12 characters consisting of capital letters and numbers.

Here it is the another update from FFIC i.e Spa Vacation Bundle available in Gold Royale. The maintenance can feel like an eternity, and after a long day, it’s good to dip your toes in the steaming pool at the spa. Let us take you on a therapeutic session after the patch update. But first, you must put on your Spa Vacation bundle which you can collect from Gold Royale soon!

Another update i.e Effective After Patch (Replaced With Universal Fragments)14 April i.e Survivors! In the new patch update, you can upgrade your characters with much more ease! Now you don’t need level up cards but only need enough universal character fragments to upgrade your characters instantly! What do you think of this change? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to update the patch and try out all these new features today at 6pm (14 April 2021).