Free Fire Redeem Code 1 November 2020: Check Super Sonic Funky Elite Pass info

Free Fire Redeem Code 1 November 2020 for Bundle 50% off Promo ends on tomorrow. FFIC announced fifty percentage bundle offer. This offer only available today and tomorrow. Collect the bundles that you have been eyeing for now before the promo expiries.

It’s time to clean out the closet and replace the old with the new! All bundles are now discounted at 50% only from today until tomorrow. Also, from today Ultrasonic Rave elite pass S30 for exclusive rewards and elite bundle for instant rewards available till the month end. The supersonic, funky Elite Pass has been released. Unlock and be the holder of the 30th Elite Pass and start collecting rewards.

Upgrade the Elite Pass to unlock some of the rewards instantly. Show off your Elite Pass in the comment section/Instagram story now.

Here it is the another update that is Free Fire Diwali Preparation. Free Fire is here to light up your festival day with all the exploding action in-game and at the same time by helping you keep the festival of lights eco friendly. Let’s start the Free Fire Diwali preparation by collecting the Chakri cracker token while playing in-game and use these tokens to redeem prizes from the 7th of November 2020.

Another update i.e Beast Arm Mutant. The Beast-Arm Mutant has been released into Free Fire. The first spin is free get the new bundle from Diamond Royale now. For more FFIC Updates follow

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