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Free Fire OB25 Update Date: Check P90 and Vector Akimbo Skin Details

Free Fire OB25 Update Date is 7th December 2020 (May Be). Here it is the Vector Akimbo Skin details and P90 Damage and Extra Kick details. P90 available in classic and clash squad. Damage 2 plus (23 to 24) and recoil is 2 plus (-11%). For more details about P90, OB25 Release Date and redeem codes, FFCS Reward Updates follow zeal study online web portal.

More about P90 is Even after the buff last patch, the performance of the P90 was still a bit underwhelming compared to the other SMGs. We’re increasing the P90’s damage output slightly in exchange for its Magazine extension slot. With these changes, players should feel the extra kick in the P90 with its signature 50 rounds magazine.

Here it is the another update from Free Fire India i.e Operation Chrono campaign will be announced on 7 December. Let’s witness the phenomena together. Another update is Vector Akimbo. Introducing our first ever Akimbo Skin.

Want to look cool while dealing damage from both hands? Find this pair and try them out after the coming patch update is over. While the skin have short effective range, it can deal devastating damage in close combat

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