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Free Fire Jigsaw Code: Check how to play Jigsaw Puzzle & Sharing codes with friends

Free Fire Jigsaw Code details searching respective gaming lovers. Here it is the details i.e How to play Jigsaw Puzzle and Sharing Codes with Friends. From December 2nd Guess The Ambassador Correctly event started. If guess correctly win exciting rewards. This event end on next Monday (December 2020). So check how to play.

Here it is the procedure to play event that is You will be given a random jigsaw piece. Collect the other missing jigsaw puzzles by sharing codes with a friend. Once the jigsaw is completed the answer bar will unlock.

3rd Step is you only have 1 chance to answer correctly, however, you can also get 8 more chances to answer by sharing the website (1 share= 1 chance to answer). The mystery man will reveal himself on the 7th! If you guess the ambassador correctly, you will receive the Cyber Swing bat skin for free.

Here it is the update regarding FFC Registration. Free Fire Battle Arena Season 2 registration begins on 1st Dec. Last date for registration is 4th Dec. Minimum Requirement: Diamond 1 and Level 30+ and also, FFC mode qualifiers starts on the 4th of December. For more FFIC Updates follow web portal.

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