Free Fire 25 October 2020: How To Get FFIC Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

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Free Fire 25 October 2020 on Blue Flame Draco AK Skin & Redeem Code Updates. First Ever Upgradable Skin that is Blue Flame Draco now available in Faded Wheel. Check event details and use free spin available to get respective skin. Event duration is 25 October 2020 to 7th November 2020. For more updates FFIC follow zeal study web portal.

Event details i.e from the ancient icy abyss, you witnessed the rise of the mythical creature the legendary “Blue Flame Draco” with his incredible powers & your gun-wielding skills combined, your foes better brace themselves for an unstoppable fore like never before are you able to control the power with in skin.


Watch your skin become more powerful and gain additional boosts in damage and fire rate when you level it up with Dragon Scale tokens ! Prepare for the ultimate skin evolution as your AK sprouts powerful draconic wings and showcase visually stunning fiery effects at higher levels too.

Come and participate in the faded wheel now to win this first of its kind evo skin. Here it is the step by step procedure to get skin.

  • Choose 2 items to be removed from the prize pool.
  • Spin for prizes!
  • Prizes will be greyed out once you have won them
  • All 8 prizes guaranteed in 8 spins
  • Win accumulative rewards as you spin
  • Do not miss out on this opportunity to win only the prizes that you really want

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