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Fitrat Episode 37 Promo Written Update: Alizay birthday celebrations begins

Fitrat Episode 37 Promo Written Update provided here. In today episode promo Alizay birthday celebrated begins and all the family members congratulated her. After that Alizay cut the cake. When Alizay cut the cake arbaz open golden party poppers sparkle. Once alizay bithday party over Seemi Pasha said to rafiya it’s to late arbaz dropped you.

Then after arbaz dropped rafiya at her home. After that kamran jilani come to where rafiya is, Rafiya asking him what are you doing here. Then jilani smiles ask the same question to rafiya. Later Fariya return to home, asking to arbaz mom alizay cut the cake, you can’t wait for me.

After that Arbaz mom replied like this how much time we wait for you, if we wait for you birthday date changed. Then fariya says so what if date changed. After that arbaz returned to home, fariya asking to where are going, arbaz said i will drop rafiya at her home. Fariya said to him she is my sister, i don’t care her but why you drop her. For Fitrat Episode 37 Written Update follow zeal study.

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