Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9 May 2022 Written Update: Meera hits Agastya brutally

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 9 May 2022 Written Update is Meera sharing with bulbul not her face once more. In any case, she will not keep bulbul in work. Yug persuades Meera saying that it’s the answer for not engaging in a police case. Yug tells to grand mother and naveli to clear up bulbul her work and give her space for stay. Later Naveli chastens bulbul and gets frightened of getting captured as a result of bulbul. Bulbul informed that she can’t keep within an area as they asked, therefore she placed up this act. She knew that meera wouldn’t see her burned face obtaining afraid her, So her face are covered.

Bulbul seen prema at work. She recalls Dadi showing her Pakhi’s family photographs and telling what their identity is. Bulbul considers helping her. She goes to her and takes the broomstick from her hand saying that she will get it done. Prema ponders who is this new young lady. Bulbul hits the dance floor with the broomstick. Meera shows up there. The brush stick breaks and falls over Meera. The last option blows up and is going to hit her with a container, however Yug stops her saying to release it.

Meera attempts to console Mr Sina that everything is working out positively in the organization. All at once Mr Sina’s aide show up and tells that they couldn’t observe setting for their occasion as all spots are reserved because of marriage season. Meera propose to put together his occasion at her home. Mr Sina says that he doesn’t imagine that they can oversee such a major occasion as numerous VIP will come and move execution will happen. Meera guarantees him that she would be able. Mr Sina concurs and says that he will get her arrangement endorsed by Minister assuming she handles the occasion well.

The attendant is attempting to take care of Agastya. Bulbul comes and shares with the medical attendant that she will take care of Agastya. The attendant leaves. Agastya perceives bulbul and gets cheerful. Agastya says that he hasn’t informed Meera regarding her. Dadi sees this and gets blissful. She feels that Agastya perceived Bulbul occasion without seeing her face. After that bulbul said sorry to meera, informed to her she can’t seen face because she covered face.

Meera raises her hand to hit Bulbul. The latter ducks and Meera punches Mona. she is welcome too. Yug gives Meera water and takes her away.Bulbul apologizes to Mona. Mona asks who she is. Naveli says she is a new servant. He gets Mona out of there. Bulbul tells Prema that she is always sad.She takes it from there. Shanaya becomes suspicious of Bulbul.