FA 3 Question Papers 2019 Telugu English Environmental Science Download

FA 3 Question Papers 2019: AP FA 3 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class, 4th Class, 5th Class Telugu English Environmental Science Question Papers 2019 download. Students now looking for Andhra Pradesh Formative Assesment 3 Question Papers.

Formative Assesment consists children participation responses, written items, project works, slip test. Total marks for exam is 50 marks. Children participation responses 10 marks, written items 10 marks, project works 10 marks, slip test 20 marks.

FA 3 Question Papers 2019

English Class 2 

1). Match the words and write the answers in the space provided

  • Write-Games
  • Play-Tea
  • Sing-Food
  • Drink-Rhymes
  • Eat-Words

2). Write Pair of rhyming words

A). walk B). Cool C). Some D). names e).glass c). some (School, Come, Class, Talk, Games)

3). Fill in the blanks

  • 1). The school begins at ______ (9 am/ 10)
  • 2).There are ———– (eight/ five) classrooms in our school)
  • 3).Teachers—— (beat/help) us when we need
  • 4).The pupils——-(make/do) the home work
  • 5). When the—— (long, short) bell rings, the pupils get ready to go home

AP FA 3 Question Papers 2019 English Class 3

1). Replace the underlined words by words opposite in meaning, and write the sentences

  • A). The river was very deep
  • B). The cat was very happy
  • C). The water was Cold
  • D). The engine stopped
  • E). The two cats lost their share

2). Write correct word (present time). Use the help box to fill in the blanks

  • A). I——-satya
  • B). Dora———–My friend
  • C). We—–reading a story
  • D). Revathi—— my mother
  • E). Rajee and harika ——playing chess

3). Write suitable adverbs

  • A). She fought the leopard
  • B).He solved the problem
  • C). She walked towards him
  • D). They danced
  • E). He surrendered to the police (bravely, easily, slowly, beautifully, meekly)

4). Math the phrases given below

  • 1.Row your board- along the track
  • 2.Fly your plane-on the ground
  • Drive your car- in the air
  • Chug your train- round the lake
  • Stamp your feet for a merry cruise

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